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As in previous year the British Rally Marshals Club have funding from BMSTT for a number of Training days in 2023. These will include on-line training.

BRMC Online Training

The British Rally Marshals Club will be running online training throughout the coming months. They will commence at the beginning of February and continue throughout the year. Covering all Motorsport UK modules, this training can be used for upgrade or retention purposes with a certificate being issued.

All sesions will comence at 19:30 and should last between one and one and a half hours.

When you join any of our training sessions can you ensure your screen name clearly identifies who you are. This is used to authenticate your attendance.

To enrol please complete the form for the required course.

On-Line Training Dates
Date Code Module  
 02/02/2023    Catch up    
 14/02/2023    Catch up    
 TBA RY03A  Incident and Safety Management
 16/03/2023 GE03D - RY01B  Report Writing - Communication in Theory  
 11/04/2023 GE01G - GE01A  First on Scene - Fire Theory  
 09/05/2023 RY02B - RY02C  Intro to Rally Timing - Rally Radio  
 06/06/2023 RY02D - RY02E  Intro to Rally Radio - Rally Timing  
 TBA RY01C  Spectator Safety & Management
 05/09/2023 RY03C  Stage Set-Up  
 03/10/2023 RY03D  Advanced Radio  
 07/11/2023 RY03E  Advanced Timing  

 The dates for face to face training are yet to be confirmed. 

Everyone is welcome and its free, we just ask that you register to ensure that we can plan for the numbers expected.

All BRMC training days will cover the modules listed in your Rally PRC with the exception of Fire Practical and the Stage Commander Program.

Please note:

  • New Marshal course is aimed at people who are new to Motor Sport. If you are just new to the grading scheme please select In Stage.
  • Some upgrade requirements may need to be spread over two training days.

The first part of the day will focus on the core modules and will be sufficient for retention of grade. This will then be followed with specific specialist sessions required for upgrades.

To ensure you are allocated to the correct group and your PRC is signed in the correct place please ensure you select the correct reason for attending together with the grade you wish to grade for.

The dates for 2023 are as follows:-

These dates are provisional and may be subject to change. 

 East  TBC   BRMC 
 East Fire Training  TBC   BRMC 
 West Fire Training  TBC   BRMC 
 West  TBC   BRMC 
 Central  TBC   BRMC 

Motorsport UK online rally marshals' training and accreditation

To complete the Registered Marshal Accreditation Course, click here and either login if you are an existing Motorsport UK member, or register if you are new. Once logged in follow the links for ‘Online Training’. 

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