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Marshals and Officials

The strength of the BRMC is in assisting the conventional motor clubs with running their rally events. This can be through the provision of marshals, radio crews, stage commanders, timekeepers etc.

Increasingly BRMC members are to be found getting involved in the organising teams and as Senior Event Officials on some of the larger and more prestigious National and International events that run all over the UK.

Safer Motor Sport and the Marshal

We need to make clear at the outset that the BRMC is NOT a "trade union" for marshals. What we are is a club which specialises solely in aspects of motor sport that are:

  • related to either marshals and officials
  • directly related to safety

It would not be true to categorize the BRMC as a pressure group but by maintaining its independence from other concerns it is able to concentrate on what is best for the marshal. Also because we are able to stand back from what is happening sometimes we are in the best place to see the obvious and those things that affect the safety of our sport.