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Training and Grading

BRMC has its own training and grading scheme (which in the future may be linked to any MSA National or Regional Register that may evolve).

The Training Programme is aimed to provide all our members with the skills that they may require whilst involved with marshalling at Stage and Road Rallies. The training programme is fully integrated with the syllabus proposed for any MSA sponsored schemes and is recognised within those schemes. The programme aims to ensure members receive the training for officials duties within the sport. Included in this are

  • Personal safety, duties and equipment
  • First aid, incident handling, first aid and fire fighting
  • Timekeeping and controls
  • Stage Setup
  • Spectator control
  • Senior stage or event roles

The Grading Scheme is one of the club's most cherished assets. It aims to provide every member with the recognition of the skills that they have attained and the experience that they have in the many and varied fields of marshalling.

Although to an outsider the scheme may seem complex, in operation it is quite simple. A newcomer would start as a trainee and then after gaining knowledge of the basic marshalling skills and attending a few events the club will recognise the fact that he or she knows what they are doing. Essentially each step upwards is similar, only the exact training required and roles that the candidate has to experience change. A member can stop at any point where they feel happy or progress on upwards.

Uniquely the top grades are reserved not for members who are involved as organisers of top flight events but for those experienced members who are prepared to actively supervise and train those coming up through the ranks. This is a sign that the BRMC remains genuinely interested in the marshalling members and not just in status.